Sunday, October 6, 2013

So divorce is almost final. About two  weeks away.
This is what I know;
Divorce sucks. There are no 'winners'
Arguing and fighting with someone you love is hard.
Something's you say can never be taken back
Something's said to you will never be forgotten

This is all I have to say right now

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Different Season

Looking at the date I can see I havn't really posted here in over two years and that is sad to me. Heres an update. Im still driving truck.. My wife and I have separated since Nov 1 2012 and i have been a Raw Vegan since 12/10/12 More to come I hope.. some explainations are due im sure.. Till then.. see ya

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Just to catch you up. I had been working at a Pawn shop as a warehouse manager. Working 55 hours a week only to bring home 410 a week. I had been putting out some feelers for a new job, possibly as a driver.
I was told about a month ago that I was unhirable as a driver. I wasnt really looking to be a driver again but honestly I wasnt making squat outside of a truck. but given that news I was resigned to the fact that i was working for peanuts until April 2012.
Last week this company called me and said that thier insurance company advised them to NOT hire me. However if I wanted a job, THEY believed in me and a way was made for me to work there. I had to pay a 5000 dollar premium which was the extra insurance but the company paid that upfront and made repayment schedule. so basically i am paying them 100 dollars a week so I can make 1200 a week.
I just completed my first week running with them and I have to say.. I think that in March God wanted me out of the truck.. to show me what it was like to not have money.. I dont think i was a good steward with my money and God had to prove to me that I really had more than I needed and if i thought I was broke he would show me what broke really was.... we came very close to losing our house int he process.. after the first week in this truck with this company.. I made about 1000 dollars more than I would have on the same runs with the other company.. so Now I feel like God has restored what he took away and given us more in return..One week of Trucking and I caught up on 2 months of mortgage payments.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A New Season

This Truck is going to be the death of me...
That is what i have been saying for several months now. Lets face it, driving isnt the healthiest profession and I have been wanting to get out of it for a year or more I think.. I know every year around Nov (when my DOT card expires) I am saying .. "If I pass my physical this may be my last year."
I am tired of not being home.. missing out on my kids lives etc.. Well...

I renewed the tags on my rig on 2/28, 905 bucks.. on 3/1 i am on my way to the port and I change lanes and an 18 yr old girl freaks out hits her brakes and wrecks behind me.. loses control into the concrete median.. I say.. Not my fault... she says I ran her off the road...I say .. 18 yr old girl not paying attention...Officer says... driver contributes to accident... unlawful lane change.... court date April 7... Innocent till proven guilty...blah blah blah... bottom line is .. this is my second accident in 3 yrs... and my company is not I sit home Wednesday.. I call Thursday.. they say Im still under review come in Friday we will have an answer... I go in Friday... they havnt heard but the leaning is..we cant let you work till this is resolved.. innocent or guilty.. well I am not going to wait around a month with no work.. so I talk with my Boss....closed door.. heart to heart..
Ive been feeling led to get out the truck.. do something else.. I think this is God leading me in that direction .. forcing a move I was unwilling to take alone not out of fear but mostly.. what else would I do to make the same kind of money.. God is my source and my provider not this job... so I quit...
I go get my wife from work for lunch... I tell her the news.. she is Not excited..well she is Excited but not in the good way.. as of right then I am the scum of the earth..I say.. God is my source.. and my Provider... I am not worried..... after lunch I go see a friend who is also my mechanic... i express my woes... I say.. No one is going to hire me now.. now that my safety rating with the CSA is shot..I should sell my Truck..."How much you want for it?" he asks.. well its paid for.. its got some issues.. 3,000? Sold he between 11 am and 2pm.. I quit my job and sold my Truck...
If its from God it should happen easily, I am a firm believer in that.

I was worried about losing my job because I thought I was in control... how am I going to make things happen.. but God had another Plan...
God told me to quit.. and let him be in control.. let him provide....
With the sale of my truck.. I got enough money to sustain my family for almost 2 months. Because of that I do not have to rush into just any job that first comes on the radar.. I can take my time and really follow my hearts desire..
Because I Sold my truck.. I get my 905 bucks back for the tag or atleast a good portion of it from the IRP when I turn in the tag.. another Way God is Providing for me and my family..
Romans 8:28.. all things turn out for the good of those who Love God...
When that money runs out.. our tax return should be here... coincidence? doubtful... another way God will provide for us...

I have written many times here about Gods Provision and this is just another Example.

I praise my God who watches over me.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Am I "Christan" Enough

I listen to the radio ...alot. And while driving through the night I heard a familiar song by Sheryl Crow. Are you strong enough to be my man. I dont know why it got me to thinking but it did.. I started thinking "Am I Christian enough to be yours, God?" And on top of that I started thinking, What exactly does that mean? "Being 'Christian' enough?
I'd like to just put it out there, I LOVE God and thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus I have a more intimate relationship than I ever did before, as well as a deeper understanding about relationships with my family as a whole. I am not perfect and I dont have to be. so when I think of being 'Christian' enough I dont think I fit the world view. While I'm not known to be a drinker I am not afraid to have a drink now and again. I never wanted my kids to look back and remember their Dad always having a beer in his hand so I just didnt drink other than the occasional social situation.
Ive been an off again on again smoker since I was 18, prior to that I was a tobacco chewer. I grew up in a small town and thats what you did. I am a Truck Driver and admittedly I have a truckers mouth. While I think I'm getting better at controlling my language, I'm not gonna lie and say I havnt cussed out a few other motorists recently.
Despite these flaws I consider myself a Christian.. or rather "A Follower of Jesus" (the term Christian has really gotten a bad rap lately)
When I think of being Christian enough I think of PTL Club and all the so called religious right yahoo's that honestly in my opinion give real Christians a bad name..
I was reading in John 6 and Jesus was asked point blank "what must we do to accomplish the deeds God requires?" in vs 29 Jesus replied "to believe in the one whom he has sent, That is all God requires of you"
I was blown away at how simple that is, to just Believe. Why do we get so bogged down in the notion that we have to do alot of things to be saved? All those things that people do, like, serving in food kitchens, going on missions trips etc.. We dont do that to be Saved.. we do that because we ARE saved. Its not how we are dressed or how many things we like to point out that we are doing for the cause of Christ..Its about believing in the One that God has sent and in turn sharing that Good News with others.
I serve with an Online Church on a regular basis and its the best experience for me and i really feel a part of something other than myself. My "In-Person" church is expanding in my city and we have grown so fast that we need to open a seperate location less than a mile from our current place due to the overflow. Im gonna start serving there too. does that Make me 'Christian' Enough? I dont think I even know what that means.. But I do know that I want to help others have a better understanding of my God and what his Son has done for me.

Trucker Trey

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reunions, Reconnecting and Reminscing

Recently I attended my 25th Class Reunion. Admittedly I get alittle misty eyed when it comes to my old high school friends. I come from a small town and most of the people in my class have been together since kindergarten. So a class reunion is really more of a family reunion cause its not just "hey how are you?" its hows your mom.. whats your sister been doing?" As a matter of fact alot of the parents showed up for our get together. And to top it off a handful of the faculty showed up.. Including The Principal and his wife who was also our 8th grade English teacher..

I was pretty involved in high school.. I was a year round athlete involved in a variety of clubs, Drama etc.. I have alot of memories.
Its funny really cause as much as I was active I have almost zero photos of myself out with friends or doing stuff with others.. just an observation not really a regret..

The reunion was a success.. and if I could have that feeling of happiness in reliving some moments in my life with people who were there when i was young i would do it.. but everyone was there, away from their jobs their lives just for this moment and if I moved back .. well it just wouldnt be the same as a reunion.

I thought I had alot more to say on this.. but im gonna end it here..
Later TruckerTrey

Sunday, August 22, 2010

God's Provision or "How Twitter Failed me"

Recently I had a load that took me to Nashville to load 500 Guitars from Gibson. On the way to Nashville I noticed my voltage meter was low. Like on 12 volts. It normally runs at 14 volts so I knew my alternator had quit working.. I noticed this in Calhoun Georgia. about 180 miles from Nashville.. I had a plan, It was very important that I make my appointment for 6pm at Gibson, I would continue my trip to Nashville and get an alternator from the Freightliner dealer, take my break and replace it. Sounds like a good plan. Right?

Well Freightliner didn't have an alternator in Nashville, but the dealer in Chattanooga did and it was 352.26. I had been running on battery alone for 3 hours now, so I was wary of driving on the batteries all the way back to Chattanooga, a good 2 hour ride at best. Freightliner closed at midnight. it was now 8pm.
I send out a Tweet, I need a ride to Chattanooga and back, I have gas money.. just need a ride.
I get alot of re-tweets cause my twitter network is awesome, but alas re-tweets is all I get.
So I make a decision. I will have to drive back to Chattanooga, so i set out on my way.. I get halfway there and it gets too dark to drive with out lights, so I am forced to cut the lights on. This puts a drain on the batteries even more about 20 minutes from the Dealer in chattanooga I hit some construction and its stop and go traffic. Everytime I hit the brakes the lights flicker and the warning buzzer tells me "Low voltage", Like I dont know already.. but then I'm 10 miles from the parts dealer and the truck completely the middle of Interstate 24 Milemarker 181.
It is 11pm, I have an hour to get to the parts counter, I try not to panic. I let the truck roll backwards and I guide it onto the shoulder out of traffic as best I can, I set out my Triangle Markers and with a flashlight in my mouth I start to remove the Alternator.. I finally get it off. Its 11:30 I have some Twitter friends that live in Cleveland Tn about 30 miles away so I tweet again.. I'm stranded.. need a ride.. No answer.. well I'm not gonna be able to make it by midnight walking so I climb in the bunk and go to bed.

I wake up at 530am.. I ready myself to walk the 10 miles.. so with alternator under my arm I start walking down the interstate, Thumb out. A truck pulls over, I run up glad to get a ride, only to find out that the woman driving didnt even see me hitching a ride. She had run out of Gas.. I explain my situation and tell her that I have a gas can in my rig. I will walk back get the can.. buy some fuel off the exit and bring her gas if she can give me a ride. She agrees. As Im walking back to my rig a D.O.T rescue truck pulls up behind her and gives her 2 gallons of gas and she gets me and we go.. well she runs a "break truck" stopping at work sites and sells sandwiches and drinks, etc. She tells me that she will get me to where I need to be, but, she is on a schedule. LOL. Folks I end up riding with her for 4 hours.
I had an opportunity to talk to her about family,life and more importantly Jesus.
She finally gets me to the Dealer at 10am.
Do you think she just ran out of gas by accident? I think God sent her there just at the right time.
I walk inside to buy the alternator. the one for 352.26 well guess what its only 241.50.. I save over 100 bucks. I am blessed. I walk out the door to a gas station on the corner and there waiting for me is a Church Van from Ormond Beach Florida. They Give me a ride back to my rig and I put the alternator on. but the Batteries are too dead to turn the truck over.. After a half an hour of trying with a car to jump start.. a roadside rescue truck pulls up and they have the 24 volts jumper. sure they can jump start me.. but its 85 dollars plus Tax.

Isn't God Good?
I only had 375 dollars to begin with, I saved over 100 on the alternator and here the money saved is paying for the jump start.
God provided the rides to and back and the money for the jump start.

Oh and by the way.. the Twitter friends that lived locally.. tweeted me around 10 am saying they couldnt help me ..thats okay..

God Always Has My back..