Sunday, March 6, 2011

A New Season

This Truck is going to be the death of me...
That is what i have been saying for several months now. Lets face it, driving isnt the healthiest profession and I have been wanting to get out of it for a year or more I think.. I know every year around Nov (when my DOT card expires) I am saying .. "If I pass my physical this may be my last year."
I am tired of not being home.. missing out on my kids lives etc.. Well...

I renewed the tags on my rig on 2/28, 905 bucks.. on 3/1 i am on my way to the port and I change lanes and an 18 yr old girl freaks out hits her brakes and wrecks behind me.. loses control into the concrete median.. I say.. Not my fault... she says I ran her off the road...I say .. 18 yr old girl not paying attention...Officer says... driver contributes to accident... unlawful lane change.... court date April 7... Innocent till proven guilty...blah blah blah... bottom line is .. this is my second accident in 3 yrs... and my company is not I sit home Wednesday.. I call Thursday.. they say Im still under review come in Friday we will have an answer... I go in Friday... they havnt heard but the leaning is..we cant let you work till this is resolved.. innocent or guilty.. well I am not going to wait around a month with no work.. so I talk with my Boss....closed door.. heart to heart..
Ive been feeling led to get out the truck.. do something else.. I think this is God leading me in that direction .. forcing a move I was unwilling to take alone not out of fear but mostly.. what else would I do to make the same kind of money.. God is my source and my provider not this job... so I quit...
I go get my wife from work for lunch... I tell her the news.. she is Not excited..well she is Excited but not in the good way.. as of right then I am the scum of the earth..I say.. God is my source.. and my Provider... I am not worried..... after lunch I go see a friend who is also my mechanic... i express my woes... I say.. No one is going to hire me now.. now that my safety rating with the CSA is shot..I should sell my Truck..."How much you want for it?" he asks.. well its paid for.. its got some issues.. 3,000? Sold he between 11 am and 2pm.. I quit my job and sold my Truck...
If its from God it should happen easily, I am a firm believer in that.

I was worried about losing my job because I thought I was in control... how am I going to make things happen.. but God had another Plan...
God told me to quit.. and let him be in control.. let him provide....
With the sale of my truck.. I got enough money to sustain my family for almost 2 months. Because of that I do not have to rush into just any job that first comes on the radar.. I can take my time and really follow my hearts desire..
Because I Sold my truck.. I get my 905 bucks back for the tag or atleast a good portion of it from the IRP when I turn in the tag.. another Way God is Providing for me and my family..
Romans 8:28.. all things turn out for the good of those who Love God...
When that money runs out.. our tax return should be here... coincidence? doubtful... another way God will provide for us...

I have written many times here about Gods Provision and this is just another Example.

I praise my God who watches over me.



  1. I'm supporting you with prayer brother! That's some gutsy moves you've made in this economy. Sometimes you just know. God Bless ~

  2. Trey I totally understand about being worried about money. I went through the same thing. I got to the point where I hated my last job, but I was afraid to leave; because i was worried about money and support. The Lord has been with me every since, actually after i was let go from my last job, Jesus found me, so things worked out perfectly. :)

    Keeping you in my prayers man.
    MarcR from 180 Life

  3. Trey, I praise God for making you listen. The 18 year old was not injured? I too have been in what I thought were dire straights - having a meltdown doing my job as caregiver to an Alzheimer's patient. I prayed "God, tell me what you'd have me do". I upped and quit after he led me to the scripture he showed you. He has not let me down, starve, be homeless, etc. How is your wife feeling about this now? My husband would rather work a part-time job so I don't need to go back to what I was doing. He sees how the Lord is providing. We are both more content, happy knowing I made right choice and listened to God.