Sunday, July 24, 2011


Just to catch you up. I had been working at a Pawn shop as a warehouse manager. Working 55 hours a week only to bring home 410 a week. I had been putting out some feelers for a new job, possibly as a driver.
I was told about a month ago that I was unhirable as a driver. I wasnt really looking to be a driver again but honestly I wasnt making squat outside of a truck. but given that news I was resigned to the fact that i was working for peanuts until April 2012.
Last week this company called me and said that thier insurance company advised them to NOT hire me. However if I wanted a job, THEY believed in me and a way was made for me to work there. I had to pay a 5000 dollar premium which was the extra insurance but the company paid that upfront and made repayment schedule. so basically i am paying them 100 dollars a week so I can make 1200 a week.
I just completed my first week running with them and I have to say.. I think that in March God wanted me out of the truck.. to show me what it was like to not have money.. I dont think i was a good steward with my money and God had to prove to me that I really had more than I needed and if i thought I was broke he would show me what broke really was.... we came very close to losing our house int he process.. after the first week in this truck with this company.. I made about 1000 dollars more than I would have on the same runs with the other company.. so Now I feel like God has restored what he took away and given us more in return..One week of Trucking and I caught up on 2 months of mortgage payments.