Friday, November 6, 2009


The other day, talk on the twitter stream was "What does "surrender" mean to you?"
As a Christian, surrender, has a different meaning than it would for a non believer or at least a different context.
Most of what I read on the stream was, Defeat, Giving up, letting go..etc and the like. What struck me was that these definitions are all true, but as a Follower of Christ it means so much more.

When you surrender you are Defeated ( you can no longer resist)

When you Surrender you are Giving up (you are giving up what you can no longer handle)

When you Surrender you are letting go (you are letting go of what you want and letting the victor Have it).

True enough.. then I got to thinking.. to put this in perspective for a Christian When we surrender to God.. we are letting him have control of our lives we are no longer going after the things we want.. for now what we want is to be more like Him.. we seek him to know him.

We surrendered , He takes us... When an Army or Government accepts the surrender of a foe..what happens? well in the case of say North vs South(US Civil War). The north came in and rebuilt the south.. After Japan Surrendered to the U.S.A. The US came in and rebuilt the infrastrucure of Japan and Protected them with Their Army...And then it Hit me...

When we surrender to God our lives.. He ( the Victor) comes in and rebuilds (Restores) our lives.
He also Protects us We fought against him, we surrendered to him our problems, our fraility, our insecurity, He came in and gave us RESTORATION..

How Beautiful is that?