Sunday, November 28, 2010

Am I "Christan" Enough

I listen to the radio ...alot. And while driving through the night I heard a familiar song by Sheryl Crow. Are you strong enough to be my man. I dont know why it got me to thinking but it did.. I started thinking "Am I Christian enough to be yours, God?" And on top of that I started thinking, What exactly does that mean? "Being 'Christian' enough?
I'd like to just put it out there, I LOVE God and thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus I have a more intimate relationship than I ever did before, as well as a deeper understanding about relationships with my family as a whole. I am not perfect and I dont have to be. so when I think of being 'Christian' enough I dont think I fit the world view. While I'm not known to be a drinker I am not afraid to have a drink now and again. I never wanted my kids to look back and remember their Dad always having a beer in his hand so I just didnt drink other than the occasional social situation.
Ive been an off again on again smoker since I was 18, prior to that I was a tobacco chewer. I grew up in a small town and thats what you did. I am a Truck Driver and admittedly I have a truckers mouth. While I think I'm getting better at controlling my language, I'm not gonna lie and say I havnt cussed out a few other motorists recently.
Despite these flaws I consider myself a Christian.. or rather "A Follower of Jesus" (the term Christian has really gotten a bad rap lately)
When I think of being Christian enough I think of PTL Club and all the so called religious right yahoo's that honestly in my opinion give real Christians a bad name..
I was reading in John 6 and Jesus was asked point blank "what must we do to accomplish the deeds God requires?" in vs 29 Jesus replied "to believe in the one whom he has sent, That is all God requires of you"
I was blown away at how simple that is, to just Believe. Why do we get so bogged down in the notion that we have to do alot of things to be saved? All those things that people do, like, serving in food kitchens, going on missions trips etc.. We dont do that to be Saved.. we do that because we ARE saved. Its not how we are dressed or how many things we like to point out that we are doing for the cause of Christ..Its about believing in the One that God has sent and in turn sharing that Good News with others.
I serve with an Online Church on a regular basis and its the best experience for me and i really feel a part of something other than myself. My "In-Person" church is expanding in my city and we have grown so fast that we need to open a seperate location less than a mile from our current place due to the overflow. Im gonna start serving there too. does that Make me 'Christian' Enough? I dont think I even know what that means.. But I do know that I want to help others have a better understanding of my God and what his Son has done for me.

Trucker Trey