Friday, January 8, 2010

Superstars for Jesus

There is a term used in my volunteer circle. That term is Rockstar. Rockstar is used to create excitement and enthusiasm in our our volunteer community. To be honest, what we do, in being the "hands and feet" of God is exciting. To share the Love of Christ with people from around the world is a great honor. I use this term rockstar alot because I do want people to be enthused but I was thinking recently that if you are told you're a "Rockstar" enough you begin to believe it. Dont get me wrong, Since Ive started serving my church in an online capacity I know my faith has increased in doing what we are commanded to do as believers, Spread the Gospel of Jesus. But do I really want to be a "Rockstar"?

Recently Francis Chan told his congregation that with the success of his books "Crazy love and Forgotten God", that he is more determined to stay as the Pastor of Cornerstone Simi because it keeps him grounded. He could easily leave his post there and become more of a featured speaker but he does'nt want that kind of "Celebrity" throw upon him.

Jesus is the Rockstar.. Not me.. not you.. I would rather be the bass player, or even better, the "Roadie". I dont want to be the center of attention cause its not about me. And its so easy to get caught up in the feeling that you're important. I like behind the scenes. I enjoy being a small part of making it happen. And I rejoice in how that makes the true star Shine..