Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reunions, Reconnecting and Reminscing

Recently I attended my 25th Class Reunion. Admittedly I get alittle misty eyed when it comes to my old high school friends. I come from a small town and most of the people in my class have been together since kindergarten. So a class reunion is really more of a family reunion cause its not just "hey how are you?" its hows your mom.. whats your sister been doing?" As a matter of fact alot of the parents showed up for our get together. And to top it off a handful of the faculty showed up.. Including The Principal and his wife who was also our 8th grade English teacher..

I was pretty involved in high school.. I was a year round athlete involved in a variety of clubs, Drama etc.. I have alot of memories.
Its funny really cause as much as I was active I have almost zero photos of myself out with friends or doing stuff with others.. just an observation not really a regret..

The reunion was a success.. and if I could have that feeling of happiness in reliving some moments in my life with people who were there when i was young i would do it.. but everyone was there, away from their jobs their lives just for this moment and if I moved back .. well it just wouldnt be the same as a reunion.

I thought I had alot more to say on this.. but im gonna end it here..
Later TruckerTrey

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